Highwaymen Paintings

Highwaymen Painting

Highwaymen Paintings is a website dedicated to works of a group of artists called Highwaymen. The Highwaymen was a group of unknown but talented young African-American artists from Fort Pierce in Florida who started painting in 1950s. And as the doors of art galleries and shows were closed for them, they were selling their art works door-to-door and from the back of their trucks throughout all the south-eastern coast of Florida.

The style of the Highwaymen paintings are very vivid and some times even rough, but relaxing and tranquil at the same time. The Highwaymen artists painted mostly images of the Florida landscapes and their art was greatly inspired by the work of well-known Florida artist Albert Ernest "Beanie" Backus. Alfred Hair, one of the original Highwaymen, was one of the Backus' students. Most of the Highwaymen artists were pretty much self-taught painters. It's not exactly clear how many Highwaymen paintings there are , but by one of the estimations it is getting close to 200,000 pieces.

The Highwaymen didn't get proper recognition at the time and their unofficial union was disbanded in 80s. We could have never learn about them and their work could just consigned in oblivion if not for Jim Fitch, a Florida art collector and museum curator, who in the mid-90s got interested in the group and wrote an article where he first called them "The Highwaymen". Some time after, the New York Times published an article about Highwaymen paintings and it eventually rekindled an interest to the group and their works.

At present time, Highwaymen paintings are considered to be highly valued collectors items. They're selling for hundreds and thousands and of course there is no problem now of having them shown in art galleries. The Highwaymen was never an official association or a formal movement; they were all loosely connected by their style, purposes and intentions in life rather then by any kind of formal membership. Nevertheless, 26 artists were officially identified as Florida Highwaymen, including 9 original Highwaymen. You can see a complete list of the Highwaymen artists here.There're plenty information about Highwayment artists on this site and you will find current listings of Highwaymen paintings as well.

Highwaymen Painting

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